A computer is a tool for a statistician like a hammer is for a carpenter. Knowing how to leverage it to its fullest potential can make a person more productive (maybe), more efficient (hopefully), and the day to day work more fun (really???). I started this blog while in graduate school to document my many trials and tribulations with the computer since often times I find solutions to my computer problems through other people’s documentation of their experiences in wikis, forums, blogs, articles, etc. By documenting my own experiences, I can remember what I’ve done and recall the solution should I encounter the same problem again. Hopefully, others will find these blog posts relevant to their computer adventures. Good luck!

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  1. Hi, I am trying to connect R running on OS X to a MS SQL DB living in Azure. I saw one of your articles on R Bloggers and it talks about how to do this for MySQL. The article mentioned methods to do this with MS SQL but never actually discussed them and the link referring to another article that might contain this information produces an error. Do you have a step by step guide for connecting R to a MS SQL Azure DB? I’m really amazed how little coherent information there is on this.



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