So I finally got my lazy *ss up to start a blog to record all the cool things i’ve discovered with R, LaTeX, Sweave, Beamer, Linux, Mac, etc…, ie, all the super cool and stuff that I’ve picked up through my training as a statistician at the University of California, Irvine. I want to do this because when I find out how to do something cool, I do it as an example on my laptop, save it somewhere with a meaningful name. Sometimes i use it often and its great. Sometimes it doesn;t get used as often so it eventually become forgotten on my laptop (it’s not lost, but untouched).

A lot of stuff are picked up from websites and blogs, found thankfully to Google, the reason for for a lot of my self-acquired knowledge.

So here we go, this blog is going to serve as part of my brain, mainly in the capacity of memory, and to share with the world what I’ve learned from others!

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