latex on top of graphics

lpic is a LaTeX package for typesetting on top of existing graphics.

It looks cool, but the documentation for the coordinate system needs some clarification. I will try lpic out when I have the time or when the need arises.

Good things about lpic are:

  1. I don’t have to worry about fonts in graphic matching the document (e.g., computer modern font).
  2. No need for post-processing on a graphic to get the font to look correctly (psfrag).
  3. Font size will match that of the document.


  1. Resizing the graphic will make LaTeX typesets “out-of-place.”
  2. You don’t have a standalone annotated graphic. The graphic is only annotated in the final document.

UPDATE: Just tried it out, this is actually very cool! Been wanting to “WRITE on top of my graphics.” The draft option in the lpic environment assist in the placement of the typesets!

My example: Get lpic.sty from the website above. Here is the attachment (graphic). Here is the attachment (tex). Here is the attachment (final).

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