Generate multiple forms and filling them with data from a spreadsheet or database

Suppose I have a form (template) that I want to fill in, and I have a database or spreadsheet that has all the data. I would like to generate forms that are filled-out using records from a data source. I want to do this automatically of course.

After much googling, I FINALLY found out that the correct terminology for doing something like this is “mail merge” (thanks to this post). I didn’t know the vocabulary so I didn’t run into much at first (I thought I had to do VBA coding, which is nuts since i think this is something that most people do often).

After getting the terminology, mail merge, I realize most office suite has this feature. Here is a walkthrough for MS Office, and here is a walkthrough for Neooffice. Too bad google docs doesn’t have this feature (yet?).

Now life should be a lot easier now! I can have soft copies or i can print them out.

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