Publish RSS feed in google sites

Google sites is great, but there are still some features that it lacks, such as RSS feed (for updates), better file management system (for the file cabinets and attachments), copying/moving pages, and archiving/exporting/importing.

So recently I wanted to make my youth group’s google site more tech-savvy by publishing an RSS feed for updates (maybe this will motivate me for more updates). After googling, there are many services that can do this for u, however, u have to input javascript code in your page, which google sites does not allow. I emailed the owner of, and he pointed me to this site, which relies on the feed43 service.

Had a quick trouble because I inputted the “search” code in the wrong box – it should be in the repeatable one. Life is super! Life is cool! MY life is nerdy! My life is super nerdy cool!

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