Free online radio: + pandora

so i found out about online radio through michael zeller (again). i did do a search for this back then, and i thought what i wanted were podcasts….radio through itunes. however, googling it i realized that wasn’t what i wanted. podcasts are good for tutorials or talk shows or the news, but probably not for music. and pandora are two free service. i personally use and haven’t tried pandora. it seems has more music (i don’t see vedera on pandora). in both, u can listen to on the web or have the player installed on your computer.

on the mac os x, i’m using sweetfm. it’s cool because it can record, although the options for saving isn’t features-full yet. on a linux, shell-fm is good (command-line based). u can use dd to record (check this). i’m having trouble compiling shell-fm on my mac os x.

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