Tomato on Asus RT-N16 router

Recently I’ve been playing with DD-WRT as my firmware of choice for my main router at home and the one I use as a wireless bridge. I recently purchased an Asus RT-N16 for a variety of reasons:

  1. Gigabit ethernet,
  2. DD-WRT,
  3. 2 usb ports (for NAS and printers),
  4. Wireless N, and
  5. Great with bittorrent.

Reason 1 was the real reason I wanted a new router since I have a NAS connected to it via ethernet, and I plan on getting an HTPC soon (connected either wirelessly or through ethernet) and/or some net top boxes that can connect to the NAS (I’m tired of copying things to USB). Reason 3 wasn’t too much of a concern anymore since I recently bought an Acer NAS with Ubuntu server loaded on (this derserves its own post). I’ve been hearing this thing called tomato that is supposedly even better than DD-WRT. Been wanting to try it, especially since it is supposed to work well on the Asus router, especially to get the USB support (don’t think USB is supported in DD-WRT, but it’s a random guess since DD-WRT is great and has a large community supporting it). I decided to load this (currently beta) mod of Tomato (don’t use this since it does not support the NT-R16). Had trouble loading it after flashing the router to DD-WRT. Turns out I need an exact version of DD-WRT loaded first. Follow this guide to get it going.

Note: I had a problem getting wireless working with my Macbook. Things worked when I flashed the openvpn version of tomato with TKIP/AES encryption in WPA/WPA2 (think this part is the answer).

Also: To do a factory reset (erase NVRAM?) on the Asus, all I have to do is unplug router, press on WPS button, plug router, and release WPS button. Don’t think I have to do the 30-30-30 reset (don’t even know if that works on here).

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  1. Hi!

    Im so in love with this router and I have to buy it!

    Does it work with mac flawless? can I get acess to the hdd when it’s connected to the router or does it only support nfts and fat32?

  2. The problem I have before seems to be because the two routers are both on at the same time. Turning the other one off fixed it.

    Yes, the router work flawlessly so far…maybe a little slow. Plugging any hard drive should work as it supports Ext3, etc, too.

  3. What do you mean by “flashed the openvpn version of tomato with TKIP/AES encryption in WPA/WPA2 ” ? I plan on using two MacBooks with a Tomato-equipped RT-N16, and I’d like to know more about this problem. Thanks.

    1. There are many different versions of tomato. I used the version with OpenVPN. The TKIP/AES and WPA/WPA2 is the security I used with for the wireless network.

      I don’t think there is a problem. Things should just work.

  4. “The problem I have before seems to be because the two routers are both on at the same time.”

    This could be fixed if you turn of DHCP and adjust a few other settings. Problems come up with you have 2 routers and they’re both configured as your main device. They both naturally assign IP addresses to different devices, basically you would just need to disable that aspect on one of them and you’re all set.

    As for the router, it’s a good buy. Would recommend Tomato over DD-WRT though.

  5. If you are planning to use Tomato in Wireless Bridge mode -equivelent of Repeater Bridge mode in DDWRT- you apparently can not use wireles N with WPA/TKIP only WPA/AES. Some of my devices don’t support AES so I”m stuck with G speeds..

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