Block/disable transition ads (Ad-brite)

Some sites I go to forces a full page ad once I’m visit a page for a few seconds. After a few additional seconds, I can click on “skip ad”. I find this very annoying as the ad loads whenever I go to a new page within the website. I recently found out that these ads were called “full page ads” or “transition ads”, ran by Ad-Brite. After some googling, I found this solution, which works. On the hosts file (on a Debian-based machine, /etc/hosts), add the following and things should be fixed immediately (restart on a Windows machine):

 <pre class="src src-sh"><span style="color: #ff4500;"># </span><span style="color: #ff4500;">[AdBrite, Inc]</span> #[Ewido.TrackingCookie.Adbrite] #[] #[]

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