Quick notes on building my own computer

  • case
  • power supply
  • mother board
  • cpu + fan + heatsink
  • ram
  • graphics card (if not available on mobo)
  • hard drives (RAID1)

Tricky parts when putting together:

  • Install cpu, fan, heatsink, and ram before mounting mobo into case; fan and heatsink is tricky for my AMD X6 chip
  • Place the color coded mobo guide thing (USB plug, sound, etc.) onto the back of the case before mounting mobo.
  • Mounting mobo onto case: screw in the screw mounts (brass) onto case first and then mount mobo onto case with screws into the screw mounts.
  • Follow mobo manual for plugging in wires. I couldn’t find an 8 pin plug from power supply for the CPU power; google results says the 4 pin one should be fine and it was.
  • Set up RAID1 from mobo manual and then install Ubuntu server.

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