Web-based collaboration of LaTeX documents

This post brought LaTeX Lab to my attention (again). It is a service based on the Google Docs platform for writing and collaborating LaTeX documents. I also became aware of ScribTeX, another similar service. I’m not sure how often I’ll use these services as I’m more (counter?) productive in emacs. Moreover, my interdisciplinary collaborators don’t use LaTeX. As for the collaborators that do use LaTeX, we just email the tex file back and forth as usually only one person edits the file at a time. This post describes how I view changes to a tex file.

I’m not too concerned about the privacy issues (they have my trust). I guess I can see myself using these services to demonstrate how to write LaTeX and for real-time collaboration across the web.

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  1. Note that ScribTeX uses git as its backend. So you can checkout it and edit locally with emacs, while your collaborators can edit using the web interface without knowing Git or having a Latex installation.

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