How to ship shoes for cheap

I recently sold shoes through Ebay to relieve my room of clutter. Since I wasn’t getting much out of them, I wanted to ship them out as cheap and as fast as possible. Some things I learned:

  • you can print out shipping labels through paypal by paying for the postage online; paypal will also pay for a tracking number
  • you can print shipping labels for multiple orders in one step
  • you can have the post office pick up the boxes at your house or you can drop them off at the post office. If you choose to drop them off at the post office, make sure the “drop-off” zip code matches that of the post office.
  • the priority mail shoe boxes offered by USPS will only fit thin shoe boxes (think women shoes).
  • since the shoes were in boxes themselves and finding or buying boxes for the shoe boxes can be time-consuming or costly, I went to Home Depot to buy a roll of brown paper (used for painting projects) for $10 and wrapped all my shoe boxes up with them.

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