Filtered response in gmail

I use my gmail account to manage multiple email accounts/addresses. I recently wanted to set up a vacation responder for one of my email address. However, the default vacation responder in gmail uses the default email account to send and there is no option to activate vacation responder for a single email address. I found this post on lifehacker that shows how one could set up a flexible auto response system with the use of a gmail account dedicated to auto response. Let gmail 1 be my primary account, and gmail 2 be my dedicated account. Basically,

  1. Add gmail 2 as a forwarding account in gmail 1.
  2. Set up a filter in gmail 1 that forwards to gmail 2.
  3. Add gmail 1 as an account in gmail 2 so that gmail 2 can send as gmail 1.
  4. Set up vacation responder in gmail 2.

Now, emails sent to gmail 1 that fits the condition of the forwarding filter (e.g., “”). Remember to turn off the filter in gmail 1 and vacation responder in gmail 2 when the auto-response is no longer needed.

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