make java work in conkeror (xulrunner) in mac os x

so i recently tried screenr and screenjelly to make screencasts. one problem, the java didn’t load in my conkeror. it says i need to to install it. however, when i tried them in firefox and safari, things were working. must mean conkeror isn’t finding it. emailed the conkeror list, got one feedback, googled for help. after some research, i found a solution that works:

downloaded java embedding plugin placed the 2 ‘files’ in the binaries directory in the zipped files (JavaEmbeddingPlugin.bundle and MRJPlugin.plugin) in Library/Internet Plug-Ins and now java works in conkeror for mac os x.

conkeror is so cool.

web app to make screencasts: screenr + screenjelly

so these days everyone is making videos, especially tutorials on their computer. screenr and screenjelly are two services that allow you to make the screencasts easily. u go to their website, load their java app, select the screen space u want to record, and hit record. the first service gives u up to 5 minutes, and the 2nd to 3 minutes, plenty of time for a typical screencast. anything longer and u run into the danger of boring your audience.

after u record, u can post it on twitter easily or to other social media outlets such as youtube. gosh, it’s so easy. u don’t even need to install any additional software (if u have java already), don’t have to name and save files, don’t have to upload and store it somewhere. the process is so simple!

these services give web apps hopes!