WiFi Tether on HTC EVO 3D

Owned my HTC EVO 3D (rooted, stock rom) for almost half a year already and I have not gotten WiFi Tether working until now based on this post. I’m currently using version 3.9 Beta 9. To get tethering to work, I need to enable MSS clamping and Routing fix under Menu > Settings per this post. Yay! I can now tether when I’m away from home.

Jailbreak iPhone + tether

My brother owns an Apple iPhone 3GS with iOS version 4. He asked me to jailbreak it. What I did:

  1. Install iTunes 9.2 on my Windows XP virtual machine.
  2. For some reason the iPhone was recognized as a camera/scanner. To get Windows to recognize it as a phone, I did something similar to this. Basically, use the apple driver.
  3. In iTunes, right-click on the device and “Backup”.
  4. Go to jailbreakme on the iPhone using Safari, and the jailbreak process will take place (Cydia will be installed). After this completes, the phone is jailbroken.
  5. In Cydera, install OpenSSH to transfer files between the computer and the phone wirelessly. Reboot the phone.
  6. For tethering, this states that PDANet is probably better than MyWi.

This outlines the possibilities with a jailbroken iPhone.

Remember not to update the iPhone with any apple software until knowing that the jailbreak can be preserved.