Anonymous web-surfing with Tor

I wrote about Tor in the past but I never tried using it. I installed it on my Ubuntu laptop and tested using it via Firefox and [Torbutton]. Now that it’s set up, when I want to surf the web anonymously, I just need to launch Firefox and toggle Torbutton to be on. Even though the Tor daemon is running in the background, I won’t use it on a day to day basis.

I also downloaded the Tor Browser Bundle for multiple platforms per this post and placed them in Lightweight Portable Linux (LPS) USB stick so I can use them on other people’s computer should the need come. Of course, if I wanted to be even more discreet, I would boot up LPS directly.

surf web anonymously using tor

I looked into this as a kid when i first got into the internet, but didn’t do much with these proxies because ur connection becomes slow. However, based on this post, if i reach a site that won’t let me get access because of my location, then using a service like this should allow me to get to the site.