What’s buzzin?

Things I’m currently using and highly recommend:

  • Linux (e.g., Ubuntu): the most powerful operating system available, and it’s free (as in speech and as in beer)! You haven’t realized the power of a computer until you’ve gone Linux! Go ahead and unleash your computer’s potential.
  • Emacs: THE text editor and cross-platform “OS”.
  • Conkeror: the emacs approach to web browsing, combined with the backbone technology of Mozilla Firefox.
  • R (statistical computation environment, and much much more), ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics), LaTeX (typeset professional-looking documents), AucTeX, Sweave (literate programming combining R and LaTeX), Beamer (typeset professional-looking presentations): tools every statistician should use. Best of all, they can all be used in Emacs for a unified user interface.
  • Org-mode: take notes, make outlines, organize thoughts, and export/publish to multiple formats (e.g., HTML and LaTeX); this blog is written with org-mode with the help of org2blog.
  • Dropbox: sync all my important files for free! You never know when your hard drive might die. Always back up to multiple locations.

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